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Trees of the year

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Scientific name: Polygala myrtifolia


Family: Polygalaceae


Common names:September bush (Eng.); Septemberbos, blouertjie, langelede (Afr.)



Leaves and flowers of Polygala myrtifolia

Description:P. myrtifolia is an evergreen shrub that grows up to about 0.6 to 2 m in height with a few upright-growing stems, slender branches and often velvety young stems

Leaves are oval-shaped leaves, usually 25-50 mm long and up to 13 mm wide. 

Flowers are carried in small clusters at the ends of short branches and look a bit like legume. The showy petals, beautifully marked with darker veins, are usually in shades of mauve or purple, but can also be pink scarlet, or white.

Flowering time: early spring from August to October.

Origin: South Africa (from Western Cape to Kwazulu-Natal).

Medicinal uses:  Used this for washing dead before burial, treat ulcer, venereal diseases and to clean the blood.


PropagationPlants can easily be propagated from seed and tip cuttings

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