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City Parks news

PEOPLE flocked to be the first to try out the outdoor gym in a Soweto park, where anyone can keep fit for free. First on the cross trainer was the mayor.

A GABION was built at Dorothy Nyembe Environmental Education Centre when the City marked World Wetlands Day.

THE value of wetlands to the world is the focus of World Wetlands Day. This year, the theme is "Responsible tourism supports wetlands and people".

AN outdoor gym is being installed at Petrus Molefe Eco-Park, where people will be able to train and keep fit, all for free.

WITH the hot, wet weather, there has been an explosion of growth in Joburg, prompting City Parks to tackle overgrown grass and foliage.

OVERGROWN grass will be cut each Tuesday over the next eight weeks, when all City Parks staff in Region E will be devoted to the task.

CITY Parks is again challenging its employees and zoo staff to get fit and healthy and lose unwanted kilos in its second Biggest Loser competition.

JOHANNESBURG City Parks is hard at work tackling the seasonal maintenance backlog caused by recent heavy rains.

JOHANNESBURG has had an exciting 2011, with a new team running the city. As the year winds down, it's a good time to take stock of how well we are doing – and outline plans for the future.

Holidays are the perfect time to make the most of the City’s many parks: you can relax outdoors, picnic, watch big-screen television or ramble along selected walks.

THERE are 35 cemeteries under the control of City Parks, all of which help to archive the rich history of the city of gold.

FATHER Christmas paid a visit to Glenesk Park, where he handed gifts to delighted children and spread some festive cheer.

FORTUNE seekers and veterans are buried at New Roodepoort Cemetery, which has been taking Joburg's dead for over half a century.

CITY Parks has completed another extreme park, this time expanding the renamed Petrus Molefe Eco Park in Soweto.

AN extreme park extension will be established at Dhlamini Eco-Park, and the enlarged green space will be renamed Petrus Molefe Eco-Park.

IT has been dry for 12 years, but water is again flowing in the restored Rissik Street fountain, softening the inner city bricks and mortar surrounding it.

THE City is a signatory of the Durban Climate Change Adaptation Charter, which binds municipalities around the world to climate smart development.

AN innovative park, the Rose Street Stimulation Park, has opened, with play equipment and pathways specifically designed for disabled children.

WORLD leaders are gathering in Durban for the next few days for COP 17, and Joburgers are urged to show their support by wearing green.

JOZI has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in South Africa, is the lowest electricity consumer and has the second largest amount of green space in Africa.

IT'S been all about exercise and healthy eating at City Parks over the past few months, as staff have worked to lose the excess kilos and boost their health.

A VEGETABLE garden at Inkwenkwezi Primary School will help put food on the table for the children, as well as improve environmental literacy.

WEST Park Cemetery is a lush and treed resting place, where the purple jacaranda blooms offer solace to mourners.

ROSE Park in Lenasia is changing – a public private partnership has raised funds to build a recreational space designed with disabled children in mind.

PARK rangers and police are raiding inner city parks, arresting criminals and making sure by-laws are obeyed with a view to safety over the festive season.

STRIKING miners, union leaders and rich Randlords end up sharing common ground in death at Brixton Cemetery, which holds their graves of the city founders.

THE effects of global warming and climate change were raised in Orange Farm, where City departments handed out energy efficient light bulbs and trees along with information.

THE ashes of Antarctic explorer Frank Wild have been found, and will be taken on a symbolic final adventure, to be placed in South Georgia, in the icy South Atlantic.

IN the run-up to COP 17, the City is launching a climate change awareness campaign to educate its residents about the issue.

IT was more than nine weeks in the making, but the Joburg 2040 Growth and Development Strategy has been written and is ready to guide the city to the next level.