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City Parks news

CONTRARY to statements issued by some Ward Councillors, the City will not sell off any City-owned parks, public spaces or sports and recreation facilities to individuals or organisations.

THERE is more parkland in the deep south of Joburg, where City Parks has installed its first green roof. Clove Park also now has an array of recreational facilities.

TWO parks were opened in Johannesburg this week in the build up to International Earth Day, a day on which the environment is celebrated.

A GREEN lung has opened in Pennyville, providing a relaxing park for residents. It has play equipment, picnic spots and landscaped gardens.

WAYS to keep Joburg’s open spaces clean and green – and its water acid-free – brought together government, academics and environmentalists at the convention of the Institute of Environment and Recreation Management.

IN just 10 hours, City Parks and its partners plan to turn a barren and dusty piece of ground used as an illegal dump site, into a lush green park for family fun.

CITY Parks is growing the urban forest that is Johannesburg through planting trees. It is also teaching people about the value of the environment.

CITY Parks has launched its own Biggest Loser contest for its staff as part of its wellness programme. The aim is happy, healthy and productive workers.

AT the Rietfontein Nature Reserve, duiker breed happily, birds chirp and nature goes on her eternal way. It’s a quiet retreat from the pumping energy of Joburg.

PLENTY of work is being done in Johannesburg to combat climate change, from retrofitting council buildings to planting tens of thousands of trees.

IT'S time to turn off the television and break out the candles. Earth Hour is on Saturday night and everyone is called on to show their commitment to fighting climate change.

CITY Parks held its first Corporate Greening Concert to highlight climate change after officially opening the musical fountain at Pioneer Park.

WITH experience gained at the helm of the external services department, Leah Mabusela is on track to forge new relations between City Parks and other landowners in Johannesburg.

A CITY Parks unit focuses on bringing educational awareness to the citizens of Joburg. Conservation issues are at the forefront of efforts.

CONTINUING on its mission to bring green places of play to neglected parts of Johannesburg, City Parks will be creating a green lung in Pimville, in Soweto.

COMPANIES are invited to put their money up for the environment, and at the same time party with a purpose at the City Parks Corporate Greening Concert. The Musical Fountain will also be relaunched.

A HOTLY contested cricket match in Soweto showed Joburg’s support for the national squad. The action was screened on big-screen TVs which will broadcast the World Cup games.

A NEW department at City Parks works with outside groups to keep all open spaces in Joburg clean and green, and well maintained. Trees are pruned, bushes thinned out and grass cut back.

IN February, the environmental world turns its attention to wetlands, vital components of a healthy environment. Johannesburg marks World Wetlands Day throughout the month.

OVERGROWN grass and shrubs, heavy branches needing a desperate prune and more litter than usual are just some of the difficulties facing City Parks as Johannesburg wades through an incredibly wet season.

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YOU can make like Tarzan at James and Ethel Gray Park, and swing through the trees using ropes, at the new Acrobranch adventure zone – good fun and great for fitness.

THE critical shortage of burial space will be eased with the opening of the Avalon Extension Cemetery, which has space for tens of thousands of new primary burials.

THERE are plenty of accolades and awards in the municipality’s trophy cupboard, and its residents and businesses are generally satisfied with its delivery, says the City.

HEROES are buried at Avalon Cemetery in Soweto, alongside thousands of ordinary people – for all it is a place for the living to preserve memories.

MORE than a hundred unemployed youth got down to the start of three years of learning at City Parks’ new training academy. They will study horticulture and business skills.

A stretch of ground in Orange Farm along a natural dam, once a dumping ground, has been rehabilitated and is now a beautiful park and wetland.

ONE of the most popular outdoor arenas in Johannesburg, Mary Fitzgerald Square is getting new paving, new lighting and some softening features.

INTERNATIONAL environmental standards are being met at City Parks, which has earned an ISO certification, the second municipal entity to do so.

FORESTS and wooded areas, and their importance in maintaining healthy wetlands, are the theme of World Wetlands Day.