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All queries should be channelled through the call centre, Joburg Connect, which can be contacted 24 hours, seven days a week, on 0860 56 28 74 or 011 375 5555 For each query, you will get a reference number. Make sure you keep this number so that you can follow up your query. Email: Facebook Youtube

To clear the summer rain backlog on city maintenance, Joburg City Parks and Zoo is going on a three-day Mega Blitz to cut back pavements, verges and mow parks and the City's green spaces.

JOBURG'S warm wet summer days are a boon after the dry cold winters, but pose some challenges; pavements, verges, many more parks and the city's green spaces bounce back, with greenery growing lush and long.

While the rains are welcome, they do slow down maintenance, posing health and safety dangers for City workers; coupled with the City maintaining so many more parks and recreational spaces, this creates a backlog.

But now, to speed up neatening the city, Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo will be out in full force in a Mega Blitz campaign.

The Mega Blitz campaigns [will] visit various wards to identify areas that need attention to ensure that we keep Joburg well maintained.

We are doing our best to curb the backlog of the past months as a result of heavy rains so we could not cover all the areas.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo also encourages communities to take ownership of their neighbourhoods by helping to maintain neat pavements.

For more information on the Mega Blitz campaign, or to report areas needing maintenance, residents can call (011) 375-5555 or email Residents can also visit the City's Facebook page or follow it on twitter @JoburgParksZoo.