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April is Owl Month at the Jobug Zoo; come meet Peanut and Stinson, our resident owls!

DURING April, the Zoo's Owl Tour opens a door into the mysterious and magical world of owls.

Owls have had a powerful hold on the human imagination across centuries and cultures, appearing as warnings of doom and as symbols of wisdom. Most are nocturnal, and their night-time habits may seem scary or spooky. Popular imagination has them flying silently over churchyards, and their eyes seem to glow in the dark. But, there’s nothing supernatural about owls' acute hearing and sight. Far from frightening, owls are competent predators that hunt mice and other rodents, and are crucial to the world's many ecosystems, helping to maintain a balance in nature.

On the Owl Tour visitors will meet Stinson, the barn owl, and Peanut, the white-faced owl, and have the opportunity to photograph these amazing birds and listen to stories about owls. There will also be a tour through Meeser's Aviary Tour, where visitors will be introduced to the spotted eagle, barn, African marsh, eagle, African wood, Verraux’s eagle and grass owls. There will also be an exciting lesson in owl digestion.

Owls cannot digest fur, bones, or feathers, so these form tight pellets in the stomach that the owl then regurgitates. Tour visitors will have a blast trying to identify what the owls have eaten from looking at the pellets.

The Owl Tour flutters to Meeser's Aviary every Saturday and Sunday at 13:00. Weekend visitors can also check out the owl show-and-tell at the biofact table, and take the chance to touch an artificial owl.

On 26 April at 08:30, Zoo fans are invited to listen to our owl keeper talking about the magnificent birds over a delicious breakfast at the Old Elephant House, after which there will be a trip to Meeser's Aviary to meet the owls.

For enquiries on the Owl Tour, breakfast with the owl keeper and the weekend biofact table, contact Nonkie Morobe on (011) 646-2231or email