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The collective difference small actions can make in saving the environment is at the centre of World Environment Day this year, and Joburg has a number of activities on the cards.

wed1WORLD Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5 June and is always a highlight on the calendar of Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo. The day is the United Nation's main vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment and is celebrated in more than 100 countries, including South Africa.

On the day, people, organisations and businesses are encouraged to do something positive for the environment – accumulating individual actions into a collective power that generates a positive impact on the planet.

The theme for this year is "Small Islands and Climate Change", which focuses on the collective difference small actions can make in saving the environment. For this reason, the JCPZ's environmental education unit has invited 60 NGOs and community based organisations in Joburg to share projects they are managing that contribute to combatting climate change.

In South Africa, celebrations are not limited to World Environment Day, however, as the nation observes National Environment Month during June. In line with this, the JCPZ has lined up several environment-related events for the rest of the month.

The next event will take place on Friday, 13 June when the environmental education unit will host 975 learners from 15 schools at the zoo. The students will listen to various talks and attend demonstrations that will support this year's theme. There will also be various exhibitions and the schoolchildren will visit the newly open Animals of the Amazon exhibit.