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The Johannesburg Zoo recently stepped in to rescue a day out gone wrong for 42 children from the Mangolongolo Informal Settlement.

informal1THE Johannesburg Zoo welcomed 42 children from Mangolongolo Informal Settlement this June after the children's trip to Sun City was cancelled.

The children were on an outing with the Nashua Children's Charity Foundation – the corporate social investment arm for corporate Nashua – when, en route to Sun City, they received the disappointing news that the resort had been locked down due to staff unrest.

Nashua's Helen Fraser, managing the day's outing, called around to try to salvage the children's day out, and the Johannesburg Zoo's Louise Gordan responded quickly, inviting the children to come spend a day with the animals.

En route, the children enjoyed a breakfast snack, and when they arrived at the Zoo, a team was waiting to welcome them and take them on what would prove to be a fascinating tour.

informal2According to Fraser, the children "rushed around from one animal enclosure to another 'oohing' and 'aahing' at each encounter".

The children were enchanted with the animals – snakes, bats and frogs among others - in the Animals of the Amazon exhibit housed in the Temple of the Ancients, but the firm favourites were the hippos.

The children were also treated to rides and slides at the Zoo's playground, after which they picnicked on the lawns for lunch, before touring the rest of the Zoo. After a short speech of thanks to the Zoo from young Milton, they were whisked off home, with smiles on their faces after a fantastic day out.