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Are you a scientist? Do you want to be one? Then join the Department of Science and Technology and Joburg Zoo for National Science Week on 8 August.

DOES the thought of inventing the next smartphone app appeal to you? Do you love computers, telescopes, charting the stars, messing around with household chemicals, observing animals, and taking things apart to figure out how they work? You may be a scientist in the making! In fact, you could be the next Steve Jobs, Neill De Grasse Tyson, Dianne Fossey or Wangari Maathai.

If science really is your thing, join the Department of Science and Technology, with the South African Agency of Science and Technology Advancement, in partnership with Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo to celebrate National Science Week 2014 in Orange Farm, on 8 August, from 9am to 2pm.

Expect to fiddle around with robotics and biotechnology, learn how to calculate your body/mass index, learn what makes crystals like salt, and how stars form, and have a great time exploring the many wonders science explains.