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Artefacts that were uneathed at Johannesburg Zoo during excavations of the closed parking area on Upper Park Drive are to be showcased at the University of South Africa (Unisa).

Joburg Zoo artefacts to be showcased at Unisa
The find created much excitement among local archaeologists, who have been working to catalogue and date the artefacts as speedily as possible.

Construction of a new multi-storey parking garage has been placed on hold following the discovery of the artefacts, including plates, teapots and medicine bottles that could date back to over 100 years ago.

"The Zoo and Zoo Lake area was a bequest to the City by the Hermann Eckstein family, who used the site to grow timber for the mining industry," Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo said on its Facebook page earlier this month.

"The area of the find within the Joburg Zoo, which turns 111 years this year, was probably used as a waste disposal site during the height of the gold mining era in the City of Joburg."

The find created much excitement among local archaeologists, with City Parks cordoning off the area and suspending construction work to allow the find to be documented and dated.

It was first thought that the University of Johannesburg would be the new home of the artefacts, but City Parks says this is no longer the case, and that they will be showcased at Unisa instead. The agency expects a permit for the continued demolition of the site to be secured with the next 6 to 8 weeks.

"The discovery has impacted on the timelines for the completion of the parking garage at the Zoo, which will be compounded by the seasonal rains. Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo is however also committed to conserving and documenting the rich history of Joburg, for the advancement of our future."