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Once the sun sets over Joburg, a new day starts for the nocturnal animals of the Joburg Zoo.

Join us for an Open Moonlight Tour and discover the Zoo's active nightlife, as the big cats, caracal, striped hyena, honey badger, porcupine, Eurasian eagle owl and other animals go about their business by the light of the moon.

Experience a 90-minute night-time ferry ride around the Zoo, with stop-offs at various enclosures to see the Zoo's nocturnal inhabitants.

Afterwards, round off your adventure, as you enjoy your picnic dinner baskets, with tea, coffee, hot chocolate and marshmallows around a bonfire.

Experience the Zoo by moonlight

The next Open Moonlight Tour is scheduled for Thursday evening, 29 October 2015, from 17:15 to 20:00.

The R105 per person price tag includes parking, entrance, tour, bonfire, hot drinks and marshmallows. Guests are expected to bring their own picnic baskets, torches, comfortable shoes and a jacket, as the nights can get chilly. Guests are also more than welcome to bring cameras. Booking is essential.

Contact Lebo on 011 646 2000 ext 216 or e-mail