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Did you know that only 1 out of 8 species of snake are venomous? Put aside your fears and celebrate National Serpent Day on 1 February!

'Popcorn' corn snake
"Popcorn" corn snake.

Across religions and cultures, the serpent (a synonym for snake) has been regarded variously as a symbol of evil, medicine, fertility and much more. National Serpent Day is observed on 1 February.

Snake fast facts

There are over 3 000 species of snakes worldwide.

Only 1/8 of the known species are venomous.

Boomslang: the most venomous snake at the Zoo.

Their upper and lower jaw separate to allow snakes to consume prey up to three times larger than the diameter of their head.

Snakes eat their prey whole.

Most snakes are nocturnal.

Their tongue is used to smell their air.

Snakes are cold blooded, or ectotherms, and must sun themselves to regulate their body temperatures.

While most snakes lay eggs, some give live birth.

snake blackmamba2 300
Black mamba: the most feared snake in South Africa

Snake venom has been studied for medical purposes, ranging from anti-tumour treatments to antibacterial medicines - for many years.

How to celebrate

Do some research on snakes, or go to Joburg Zoo to see some live.

Use #NationalSerpentDay to post on social media.

Make a donation towards Joburg Zoo's snakes - contact Ioanna on 011 646 2000 ext 213 or