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Schools in Johannesburg were treated to a fun filled day of science at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens Environmental Education Center.

  • Some of the activities
  • A Demonstration with a solar panel
  • Water purification
  • Mitigating Climate Change
  • How to grow fruit trees from seeds
  • Calculate cost of own food garden
  • Making a Wind Turbine
  • Climate in a bottle

The department of Science and Technology through the South African Agency of Science and Technology Advancement in partnership with Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo will be celebrating National Science Week at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens 10 August 2016 for Grade 4 - 7 learners and on the 11th August at Leratong Park with community members and on the 12th August at Sebetsa O Thole Muputso High School.

Learners and community members will take part in sustainable energy activities like making a pinwheel turbine, creating a solar toy car and making a home made thermometer. There will also be activities focused on everyday problems like making a solar bottle bulb, water purification and making a solar cooker from a pizza box.


Try one of these science activities, fun for all ages.