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Saturday 17 September 2016

Dear Valued Resident Association and Stakeholder, As many of you are aware, Spruit day is heading into its 3rd year of existence. Many hours of preparation and effort went into making 2014 and 2015 a success. 2016 will be no different. This year however, we want to make an even greater impact and really solidify the roots planted in 2014 and 2015. Spruit Day is a coordinated restoration, improvement and clean up. In 2016, we are aiming to give these elements longevity. To do this, we will engage with every type of Spruit user; Runners, Walkers, Dog owners, Cyclists, Domestic workers, Home Owners, Resident association members, Business owners and community organisations to create hype, interest, awareness and positive ongoing active contribution for our collective green area in the city.

For Spruit Day 2016, we will be increasing the number of activities and including other stakeholders and Spruit users. This we believe will increase the reach and include all users and activists above and beyond individual suburbs. Ongoing funding, in order to constantly maintain the Spruit, will be sought through new Spruit Day brand owners and events. Greater pressure will be placed on existing stakeholders such as City Parks and Pikitup to achieve longevity in the management of our green belt. This will be achieved by leading from the front with our Give, Get Given principle.

Spruit Day 2016 will be focused on 3 elements: restoration, improvement and clean up. Restoration will focus on the current state of equipment along the Spruit. We want to repair bridges, benches and transit paths. Improvement will focus on the addition of outdoor furniture and lighting. We would ideally like to add two recycled benches and a solar powered Streetlight to each and every Resident Association’s section of the Spruit. When supported, we aim to place a solar light in each Resident Association’s section to improve security and afterVhours access for all users. Lastly, a cleanup. This has been done with good results in the previous years and 2016 will be no different. We will aim to traverse and clean the entire Spruit on the day. To achieve this, we are going to need a structured, well planned and actionVorientated approach where each and every Residents Association takes responsibility and mobilizes their community in conjunction with the organising committee. This year, Uber Exposure has kindly donated their time and expertise to take Spruit Day to the next level. Uber Exposure, with 21 years’ experience in the Marketing, Events, Sponsorship and Volunteering industries both internationally and locally, are well versed and well placed to assist with this. Further to this, the CEO, Mr. Matthew Karpinski is a Parkhurst resident and active user of the Spruit. To achieve Spruit Day 2016 success, we need to ensure we create 22 passionate Residents Association activation leaders and/or teams that will ignite the process for us to gather all the necessary information needed to plan and execute the big day:

Our Residents Association teams need to action the following

1: Resident Association Event Manager – This person will need to engage with their community / team and suggest / coVcreate all local activation plans to submit towards the overall Spruit day event plan. They will need to conduct and manage the needs analysis for Spruit Day in their zone. This analysis will need to detail the following goals: CleanVup, Tree planting, river restoration, Specific area mapping, local support teams and Volunteer database etc. They will supply all data through to the main Committee team to include in the overall event plan for execution.

2: Marketing and Sponsorship– The Committee needs each Residents Association to identify all Marketing and Sponsorship opportunities and partners within their Association areas. These will include; Estate agents, Security companies, Restaurant owners, Gardening Services, Brand and company owners and Ward Counsellors. They will need to supply all data through to the main Marketing & Sponsorship/fundraising Committee team to close the deals across all 22 Res Associations territories.

3: Media and Communications– The Committee needs each Residents Association to identify all local media and communications channels and communicate the event day messaging to their specific neighbourhood and surrounds so as to drive participation. This will include management of community message boards, posters and communiqué in all of their local businesses. They will supply all data through to the main Media and Communications Committee team to execute across all 22 Resident Association territories.

4: Administration– The Committee needs each Resident Association to take care of all administrative duties related to the pre, during and post production of the event and manage registration on the day of the event in their specific Spruit zone. This will be a structured process with guidance and help from the organising committee.

Spruit Day is not intended to be a new forum or body trying to manage the Spruit. Its purpose is to facilitate a singular coordinated restoration, improvement and cleanup effort on the day. Most resident’s associations already have their own teams and strategies for dealing with their own Spruit associated areas. This event is aimed to bolster these current efforts and bring all Resident Associations and their communities together to make a difference.

Spruit Day 2016 will take place on Saturday 17 September 2016. A full schedule of the day’s activities will be circulated to all Residents Associations as soon as possible and after final planning is signed off. In closing, Give, Get Given. This principle will form the backbone of Spruit Day 2016. It is the principle that will set the example and the building blocks for future years of success. Give pertains to the effort that goes into a day such as this. The time given to planning, fund raising and canvasing. It culminates on the 17th of September 2016 when we take to the Spruit and achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Get Given pertains to the reward. Not just the personal reward of making a meaningful contribution or the reward of seeing our Spruit blossom into longevity but the rewards of community celebration. We aim to build a morning of effort and giving into an afternoon of fun, laughter, music and eating. A time to become closer as a community and share a story or two with a neighbour or fellow Spruit user. We look forward to your participation and effort in making Spruit Day 2016 a raging success and can’t wait to share the exciting event day details with you. Kind Regards,

Matthew Karpinski

Chairman Spruit Day Committee 2016