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Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo the custodians of green heritage observed National Invasive Species Week 2016 at Hercules Rd Heldekruin in Roodepoort. The awareness created is aimed at eradicating species that threaten our ecosystems particularly our scarce water resources; food security, our livelihoods and our economy.

The #InvasiveSpecies campaign serves to educate residents on the impact of invaders, how to identify invasive plants and trees and for communities to become more active in the sustained removal of these species.

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development, Cllr Nhlanhla Sifumba said, ‘the battle against invader species really starts in our private backyards – and it is therefore heartening to note that we have partnered with the Department of Environmental Affairs, Working for Water, the City of Johannesburg’s Environment and Infrastructure Services Department and the South African National Biodiversity Institute to eradicate communities and eliminate the scourge of alien plants not native to South Africa.”EPWP2

Invaders impact adversely on ecosystems and can result in the elimination and or decline of native plants. It therefore requires a sustained effort by all role players to combat the rapid spread of these species. 

The challenge is to eradicate Bugweed, Black Wattle, Lantana and castor oil – we need to be replacing these water guzzlers with indigenous species. “I personally would like to see high-value low maintenance fruit bearing trees in some areas in Joburg” stated Cllr Sifumba.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo works closely with the Expanded Public Works Program (EPWP) team at Working for Water to remove large tracts of invasives along our water bodies. These programs have added benefit of not only restoring dried out water bodies and bringing these ecosystems to life again, but it also creates much needed jobs to address unemployment and poverty that we are faced with as one of the fastest growing metro poles in Africa. 

The Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo’s education road shows are critical in helping residents identify and remove invaders.invasive clearing2

The City of Johannesburg has a mammoth task of removing these species and we have put in place area-based programs to remove invaders. You can help by stopping the spread by destroying invasive species in your garden, reporting areas of invasion and telling all about these aliens.

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