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Two blue cranes have been released in a Fourways Nature Reserve in an estate. The pair were kept at the Ruitkuil Conservation and Breeding Farm in Parys and moved to their new home yesterday. 

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo owns 3 hectares of land inside the estate. The small ridge was dominated by rock hyraxes (dassies) and also has a small dam in it with fish, turtles and water birds. The nature reserve is an ideal safe enclosure for the Blue Cranes. The pair will be looked after by the residents.

Conservation Management within Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo is striving to bring urban conservation to the people of the City of Johannesburg by introducing these birds to residents of Fourways Gardens.

Blue Cranes are endemic to South Africa and our national bird. The bird population has declined due to habitat loss.

The pair from the breeding farm forms part of a programme to introduce rare and endangered species back into wildlife reserves for research work and breeding purposes.

The pair nicknamed "Jacky" and "Jack" by the residents, made themselves at home, by dancing and exploring their enclosure.