CONSERVATION - The zoo has been involved in an indigenous sheep breeding conservation project since 2007. The aim is to increase the population of Bapedi and Zulu Sheep. Indigenous to South Africa, these sheep have fat tails, adapted to utilize indigenous vegetation and can survive severe drought.

BAPEDI SHEEP From Limpopo, mainly white with red-brown head. Tolerant of ticks and tick borne diseases, hardy and heat tolerant.

ZULU SHEEP Come from Zululand and Swaziland. Zulu people believe that the fat used in a cleansing ritual will create a peaceful home with these animals around. They are hardy and can go without water for a few days. These sheep can tolerate extreme temperatures due to their peculiar fleece. They can walk great distances, are resistant to parasites and tick borne diseases. A special gland from their foot expels a scent that repels ticks and can't be found in any other sheep species.

These animals are intelligent and don't panic like other breeds. Visit our sheep at the Farm Yard at the Zoo and learn more about #AfricanAnimals

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