One of the best birding spots in Johannesburg, the Beaulieu Bird Sanctuary is situated in a gated community in Kylami. Bird watchers can choose between three bird hides and a variety of walkways. A photographers ideal spot to catch:

    • African reed warbler
    • African Wattled Lapwing
    • Blacksmith Lapwing
    • Black-crowned Night Heron
    • Black-headed Heron
    • Cattle Egret
    • Dark capped Bulbul
    • Golden Weaver
    • Hadeba Ibis
    • Southern Masked Weaver
    • Laughing Dove
    • Malachite Kingfisher
    • Reed Cormorant
    • Sacred Ibis
    • Southern Red Bishop
    • Spotted Thick-knee
    • African Darter
    • African Fish Eagle

A great place for the whole family #BirdSanctuary #JoburgSplendor