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Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo celebrated National Science Week (NSW) from the 7th August to the 10th August. NSW is an annual celebration of science, engineering and technology, attracting thousands of learners and member of the public to workshops, science shows and lectures, which are held at universities, schools, science centres and public facilities countrywide.

The 2017 theme is “Advancing Science Tourism” in recognition of the United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.


The Johannesburg Zoo promoted science tourism amongst grade 8 and 9 learners. Learners took part in a behind the scenes tour to learn about different environmental careers.

Learners met the anaconda snake, walked through the aquarium and

spotted the gila monster when they visited the temple of ancients.

The learner’s passion for animal care was ignited when they visited the tiger night rooms with the carnivore curator.

Learners found out, what was cooking in the zoo kitchen when they meet the animal nutritionist. Other career options include a zoologist, zoo keeper, horticulturist and the curators of different sections.


Manager for Animal Welfare at the Johannesburg Zoo, Piet Malepa encouraged learners to come up with new ideas and innovation so that they can contribute to the economy through science and tourism.

Conservationist Jonathan Leeming says science is important as it affects us in everyday life. “The biggest threat to our existence is thinking that someone else is going to make a change. If you think science is for someone else then you have it absolutely totally wrong. Science is for everyone!” says Leeming.


1200 Residents of Pennyville Park gathered on the 8th August 2017 to highlight Science Tourism. The community engaged in exciting activities with various exhibitors from local government, national government and non-governmental organisations and businesses. One activity entitled “Clocks of the World” explained time difference in different countries and the science behind that. Community members made their own soap and tea using ind igenous plants and built bridges to measure weight distribution. This day has meant so much to the community with some pursuing careers in science tourism as a positive result.


On the 10th of August 300 foundation phase learners visited the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens Environmental Education Centre. Learners engaged in a magical science show by Scientist Barry Myers, they learnt how to create a lava lamp from recycled bottles and other household items. Learners discovered the fun and exciting side of science through making a solar robot, using indigenous plants to make soap and an introduction to space science saw them making space rockets and satellites from recycled materials.

Science tourism was enhanced with a tour of the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.

“Science is magic that works.”
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.