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The Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo is excited by the City's Healthy Lifestyles campaign, which is in line with its vision of a green future.

Managing director of Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo, Bulumko Nelana, a local resident, and the City's executive director of health, Dr Refik Bismilla, at the launch of the City's healthy lifestyle campaignWE believe that through our contribution of world-class landscape, manicured gardens and parks we not only beautify the city but also encourage the city to come out and play.

Our regular walks in the zoo are highly successful and contribute to healthy living. Some of our facilities also have outdoor gyms that support active and healthy living at no cost to the community.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo has a no fee policy for most of its facilities. This was informed by the basics tenets of social cohesion, which include access regardless of social standing.

We want to include everybody in Joburg's green future. Everybody deserves a high quality of life and inclusion in public activities. Our spaces offer this across the city. Added to these, our efforts at urban agriculture are aimed at supporting the city's food security objectives, which improve the material conditions of all citizens.

We also envisage a future that is less motorised, where the open spaces we manage will connect work, home and play facilities in such a way that we can walk or cycle to all these.

We are excited by the plans of the City to invest in infrastructure as this opens up opportunities for green infrastructure development. Such a process will require re-claiming some of the brown infrastructure.

All of this work could not and will not be possible without private sector support and partners. In line with these programmes, we will continue knocking at the doors of partners to seek material and non-material support. We believe that it is Joburg citizens that stand to benefit from these efforts as we build a green future.