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Two municipal-owned entities – City Parks and the Joburg Zoo – have merged into a single company, focused on delivering the goals entrenched in Joburg 2040, the City’s long-term vision.

JOBURG undertook a high-level institutional review in 2011 to enhance efficiencies, cost effectiveness and sustainable service delivery. It was proposed that similar entities merge and Johannesburg City Parks and Johannesburg Zoo duly merged on 1 January as a non-profit company.

The new entity is known as Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ), and it falls under the community development cluster of the City of Joburg. Together, the entities strive to fulfill the goals of Joburg 2040.

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo employs 1 800 staff and all facilities and duties have been integrated into a new strategy with the vision: "A green, clean, conserved and active world-class African city". The mission is: "To develop, maintain and conserve public open spaces, cemeteries and animal life for present and future generations."

It says: "We are a company who cares for our communities living within a city environment which we strive to preserve and protect for future generations. Our mandate is: ‘The provision, preservation and management of open spaces, biodiversity, environmental and conservation services through education, research, direct conservation action and recreation with a focus on the zoo, parks and cemeteries.’"

To ensure the company is sustainable, it has six strategic goals:

  • A financially viable and sustainable company – it needs to be less dependent on City funding and to manage its financial matters in a transparent manner, ensuring clean audits;
  • An enhanced and sustainable JCPZ portfolio – looking after our natural heritage and ensuring a reduced impact on the environment;
  • Enhanced ecosystem functioning and environmental and conservation awareness – it needs to optimise the ecosystems in which it operates, in which people live and to do this it needs to share its specialist knowledge to educate for the future;
  • A globally visible and credible organisation – it is striving to be one of the best recognised companies with a track record of good service, conservation, the best employer and green management practices;
  • Optimal internal system and processes, and sound governance – a well-managed company with excellent systems and optimal service delivery; and,
  • A high performing and optimally capacitated organisation – staff members are and will be well trained and capacitated to do their duties to the best of their abilities and in a highly motivated fashion.