The Chapel Garden at the Johannesburg Botanic Gardens provides a beautiful setting for nuptials.

The garden often accommodates over 80 bridal parties on a weekend. It contains indigenous trees and flowers, and has benches, footpaths and an altar. It complements the Sima Eliovson Floreum, where receptions can be held, and the Rose Garden, a picturesque venue for photographs.

ChapelDesigned to accommodate weddings from all cultures, the Chapel Garden is also the most affordable wedding venue in Johannesburg.

At the launch of the Chapel Garden in October 2007, people were asked to consider the environment when planning their weddings, as an environmentally friendly ceremony can contribute to the fight against global warming.

The Johannesburg Botanic Gardens is home to some of the finest plant collections in the world, including succulents, indigenous and exotic trees. Its Rose Garden has more than 4 500 different hybrids of roses, while the Herb Garden contains a collection of culinary, cosmetic and medicinal herbs.