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Scientific name: Stachys aethiopica  

Family: Lamiaceae 


Common Names: African stachys, wild sage (Eng.); katbossie, katpisbossie (Afr.);bokhatha, bolae-ba-litaola, likhobe-tsa-balisana (SSo.)

Dicoma capensis

(a) Flowers and leaves of S. aethiopica

Description: Strongly aromatic, herbaceous, perennial groundcover, sprawling up to 500 mm high and spreading indefinitely with square-shaped stems, glandular and hairy throughout. It will tolerate light shade to full sun and grows as vigorously in either condition. A myriad of insects visit Stachys aethiopica, including honey bees.

Leaves are glandular are covered in fine hairs, petiolate, arranged opposite each other along the stem and ovate (egg-shaped), with a toothed margin.


Dicoma capensis

(b) Flowers and stem of S. aethiopica

Flowers are white or pink to mauve with darker spots, 2-lipped with darker spots visible on both corollas; the top corolla is hooded and 4 protruding stamens are visible.

Flowering time: Spring

Origin: South Africa and Swaziland.

Plant Uses: Traditionally, is used as a medicine to cure feverish delirium

Propagation: From seed or cuttings.


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