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All queries should be channelled through the call centre, Joburg Connect, which can be contacted 24 hours, seven days a week, on 0860 56 28 74 or 011 375 5555 For each query, you will get a reference number. Make sure you keep this number so that you can follow up your query. Email: Facebook Youtube

Current quotations


Quotation number Closing date
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 JCPZ/RFQ/IT25/2016  30 May 2017 @  11h00
 Supply, install and maintain a system to manage Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) in Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo
 JCPZ/RFQ/BED01/2016  30 May 2017 @  11h00
 Cooperative Management Training
 JCPZ/RFQ/CRR05/2016  30 May 2017 @  11h00
 Development of a 3 day short course for JCPZ officials on engaging communities as resources for sustainable and safe park management
 JCPZ/RFQ/HR43/2016  30 May 2017 @  11h00
 Training services in Employment Equity & Skills Development Committee
 JCPZ/RFQ/ZOO28/2016  30 May 2017 @  11h00
 Upgrade of the Crocodile Hot-House
 JCPZ/RFQ/ZOO28/2016  31 May 2017 @  11h00
 Sludge removal services for Jhb Zoo for period of 12 months
 JCPZ/RFQ/ZOO29/2016  31 May 2017 @  11h00
 Source, supply and deliver dry and wet food for Aquarium
 JCPZ/RFQ/ZOO30/2016  31 May 2017 @  11h00
 Veterinary Supplies