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Rounding out the Zoo's Big 5, Forest the leopard is loving his new home; he loves attention so come visit!

JOHANNESBURG City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) welcomed Forest, a 15-month-old leopard, to the Zoo yesterday. Forest completes the Zoo's Big Five; elephants Lammie and Kinkel, rhinos Peter and Zimbie, and buffalo, and lion.

Leopards are often pictured lazing in trees; in fact they love them and often drag their prey up into them to feed at leisure. The big cats, native to sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Africa, Central Asia, India, and China, sport dark rosettes on their light – white or golden - coats. Elusive and solitary, the animals are nocturnal, hunting at night and feeding on antelope, deer and pigs, among others. While cheetahs are known for their impressive speed, leopards are the high jumpers of the feline world, able to spring some five metres vertically and 10m horizontally.

Males are very territorial, while females are concerned mums, hiding their cubs until they are old enough to learn how to hunt. Prized for their beautiful fur, leopards are now endangered animals.  

More about Forest the leopard

Forest was born at the Lory Park Zoo and has been released into his enclosure, on Baboon Bend, at the Joburg Zoo. He explored every corner, and even gave his neighbours a hello, climbing up a stone wall to see them and the Zoo surrounds.

Make sure to drop by to visit Forest; he loves attention!