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Trees of the year

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The plant of the month for May is the Schrebera alata.

May 2014

Schrebera alata

Synonym(s): Nathusia alata; Nathusia holstii; Schrebera excelsa; Schrebera greenwayii; Shrebera tomentella

Family: Oleaceae

Common name(s): Wild jasmine

may2014 largeDescription: Schrebera alata is a quick-growing evergreen tree or shrub, 4–15 m high, with a greyish or light brown bark.

Leaves are opposite, pinnately compound, shiny dark green above, paler beneath and smooth or velvety when young, with few leaflet pairs and a single terminal one, narrowly winged petiole.

Flowers are sweet scented, trumpet-shaped and white to pink, with reddish brown hairs near the mouth of the corolla tube and arranged in terminal clusters up to 110 mm long.

Flowering time: September- May

Fruits are pear-shaped and shiny green, turning brown in maturity and becoming woody

Origin: South Africa, Mozambique Swaziland and north to tropical Africa

Uses: It is mainly used as a decorative and ornamental garden plant


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