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Budding young animal scientists will love the tour organised for National Science Week at the Johannesburg Zoo. The tour will wind through the Zoo's hospital and kitchens, for a behind-the-scenes look at life as a zookeeper.

ON 5 August, school pupils from across the city will attend the National Science Week celebrations at the Johannesburg Zoo. The day promises to be an entertaining one for all and will include a tour through the Zoo's kitchens, an explosive science show, and a walk through the Animals of the Amazon exhibit.

The day's events will be held in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology through the South African Agency of Science and Technology Advancement and Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo.

The day will kick off at 8am as the school pupils arrive and are welcomed by Segemotso Kelefetswe, a project engineer on the Trans Caledon Tunnel. Next is a theatre performance, followed by the science show at 10am, another short talk, and at 10:30, the tour.

On the tour, the children will experience the amazing Animals of the Amazon exhibit, which features such fearsome reptiles as anacondas, and less fearsome creatures such as the region's freshwater fish.

Those children who have an affinity with animals will enjoy the time in the Zoo hospital, meeting the veterinarian and learning more about treating animal ailments, while budding animal nutritionists can learn how to prepare lunch for an elephant in the Zoo kitchens.

Throughout the tour, the children will meet a zoologist, zoo keeper, horticulturist and the many curators who keep the Zoo running at its best and learn more about the qualifications required to work in animal science.

The tour runs until 1pm and promises to inspire young scientists who want to follow careers in animal science.