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If you are planning a photographic shoot or film shoot – such as wedding pictures – at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, you must book in advance. Security will turn you away if you have not.

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Our parks are for the enjoyment of all residents and visitors, and people need to keep in mind the safety and comfort of others when using them.

For this reason, City Parks points out that booking is required for photo and film shoots, or indeed for any organised shoot at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, just as it is necessary to book events at the park. This rule has been in force for almost three years, and was instituted because of past abuses.

It is to control groups, says City Parks. In the past, groups of up to a thousand people would come to botanical gardens to take pictures. There was uncontrolled litter and mess, and the large groups affected other visitors.

On weekends, there are usually between 11 and 15 wedding parties taking pictures at the botanical gardens. Be warned, however, that if you are planning a large, organised photo shoot and you have not booked, park security will stop you.

For more information, check the do's and don'ts for visitors to the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens. There are also big signs at the gates to indicate that people have to book for photo shoots. However, the park points out that this "more of a control measure for organised shoots, not for a small group just taking informal pictures".

Although City Parks works hard to keep our parks looking beautiful, it cannot do this without your help. Visitors need to be involved in keeping our parks in pristine condition.

Our parks are there for the enjoyment of all; keep in mind the safety and comfort of others when you are using our parks. And remember to be vigilant and involved – safety is a joint effort.