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City Parks news

WITH their bright coats and deep roars, two Bengal tigers are causing great excitement at the Joburg Zoo.

THE 2014 State of the City Address is expected to highlight the City of Joburg's service delivery record over the past 20 years.

APRIL is Owl Month at the Jobug Zoo; come meet Peanut and Stinson, our resident owls!

ZOO fans adopting new South and Central American animals can now book a pre-opening tour of the long-awaited Amazon Exhibition enclosure.

THE Orange Farm Lakeside community has a new source of income and food thanks to Joburg City Parks and Zoo. The City officially opened the Lakeside Community Food Garden, for residents to grow fresh and nutritious fruit and vegetables.

FOR April only, you can get one free child or pensioner pass with any adult pass purchased. That's an amazing year's worth of Joburg Zoo visits absolutely free!

JOHANNESBURG City Parks and Zoo is playing its part in improving air quality, as the City plans to move towards energy efficiency through cleaner fuel sources and improved public transport.

CELEBRATING 20 years of water delivery to Joburg residents, the Johannesburg Zoo World Water Day activities will also include interactive exhibits and an exciting puppet show on the importance of water.

NAIL your colours to the mast to save the environment by spending Earth Hour at the Joburg Zoo. There will be no lights, but there will be bonfires and a night walk through the park.

THE kitchen and hospital at the Johannesburg Zoo are usually closed to the public, but these and other areas are visited on tours to learn about the workings of the park.

OVER a century ago, one of the city's founders handed a large swathe of land to residents. That land today makes up the Johannesburg Zoo, one of the most popular sites in town. And this year it turns 110.

THE largest walk-through freshwater aquarium in the Southern Hemisphere is being built at the Johannesburg Zoo. Take a sneak peek at the tanks here.

VALUING Natural Capital public dialogue.

JOHANNESBURG City Parks and Zoo has handed over more than 42 food gardens to communities in need of sustainable food sources. The projects provide support for informal farmers and job opportunities.

YOU are invited to take part in our public dialogue on 26 February.

SINCE the death of his partner, GeeBee; Wang, the Zoo's only polar bear, has been very sad. Valentine's Day gave Zoo staff the opportunity to cheer him up.

THE Endangered Wildlife Trust hosts annual events to raise awareness on the plight of endangered frogs; the organisation aims to show South Africans how they can help protect frogs at home.

ELEPHANTS Lammie and Kinkel, rhinos Peter and Zimbie, and hippopotamuses Hlanganani, Sandrock and Sdumo, are huge drawcards at the Zoo. The African pachyderms have similar habits and are a treat to meet.

TO clear the summer rain backlog on city maintenance, Joburg City Parks and Zoo is going on a three-day Mega Blitz to cut back pavements, verges and mow parks and the City's green spaces.

THERE are only some 1500 Southern Ground Hornbills left in South Africa; the Joburg Zoo runs a rearing programme to care for the endangered birds, teaching the fledglings social skills so they interact well with the older birds, and eventually breed.

ON World Wetlands Day Joburg City Parks and Zoo run programmes to educate the public on why wetlands are important to the environment, and how to rehabilitate and conserve them, for the health of the planet.

DELEGATES to the C40 Summit, hosted in Johannesburg, took a day trip to Soweto to visit the Petrus Molefe Eco Park; the lifestyle park offers residents an outdoor gym in pleasant surrounds, greening the area and building on the City's move to shape a climate-resilient Joburg.

JOBURG City Parks and Zoo's innovative greening initiatives are on the agenda at the C40 Climate Summit. The projects are part of the Joburg 2040 strategy, which addresses the risks climate change poses to the city.

THE Lory Park Zoo has donated a four-year-old caracal to the Joburg Zoo; Swift will soon meet his new playmate, and will be ready to see visitors.

THE animals at the Johannesburg Zoo enjoy highly nutritious and really rather tasty food – well, if you are one of them – so they are healthy and happy. Unlike their wild counterparts, they never experience hunger and will share their mealtimes with visitors.

THE Johannesburg Zoo has come to the rescue of a number of endangered reptiles and amphibians found in cargo at OR Tambo International Airport. The animals had been kept in cramped conditions, without food or water for days.

THE Johannesburg Zoo has come to the rescue of a number of endangered reptiles and amphibians found in cargo at OR Tambo International Airport. The animals had been kept in cramped conditions, without food or water for days.

BUDDING zookeepers can learn more about what it takes to work at the Zoo by joining the Honey Badger Club.

THE City of Johannesburg and the business sector will work closely to reduce carbon emissions and conserve the natural environment in the city. The partnership will work on strategies to fortify Johannesburg against the effects of climate change.

THROUGH developing green transport, energy-efficient buildings and promoting water conservation, the City of Johannesburg will build a resilient city to withstand the effects of climate change.