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City Parks news

THE City of Johannesburg is looking forward to hosting a leadership summit dedicated to building environmentally friendly cities. Delegates can expect the latest information on how urban planning can manage the risks posed by climate change.

DECEMBER 2013 was a busy time for the Joburg Zoo; we welcomed 22 new baby animals and hosted more than 58 000 visitors who enjoyed picnicking on our green grounds, night tours and light festivals.

THE summer months in Johannesburg bring welcome rains, warmth and green trees and parks; but wet weather and fast plant growth pose challenges. However, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo is committed to catching up on seasonal maintenance in green areas.

JOHANNESBURG sees a boom in organised social gatherings during the festive season, and a new festival, the Soweto Festival of Light, has proved successful.

ADOPTING an animal at the Johannesburg Zoo is a great way to help support protecting endangered species and contribute to wildlife conservation.

AMID the quiet surrounds of the city's cemeteries, history buffs are sure to find a wealth of information on former residents and Joburg's rich heritage.

OPEN spaces, nature walks, and night and day tours at the zoo are just some of the attractions on offer for Joburgers in the City's open green spaces.

THE spectacular musical fountains at Wemmer Pan in Pioneer Park will be open this festive season.

TONIGHT you can catch the Soweto Gospel Choir as they rejoice in the life of Nelson Mandela as part of the Soweto Festival of Light. The event starts at 4pm at the Mofolo South Nursery.

JOHANNESBURG City Parks and Zoo and the City of Joburg's Emergency Services were alerted to a fire at one of the two restaurants at the Joburg Zoo on Friday night.

IN a moving ceremony, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo employees bid Madiba a fond farewell in song, prayer and poetry.

ARRIVING as a young man in the electric city of Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela rose to become the face of a people oppressed, and eventually a symbol of forgiveness and reconciliation as South Africa's first black president. City Parks pays tribute to an extraordinary life lived in service.

IN honour of a lifetime spent pursuing equality for all South Africans, the City of Johannesburg, in 2005, bestowed the Freedom of the City on its most revered resident, Nelson Mandela.

THE second annual Soweto Festival of Light this year pays tribute to former South African president, Nelson Mandela. The eight-day festival is a delight for children and will feature praise singing and a memorial candle to honour Madiba's memory.

JOHANNESBURG City Parks will make a number of parks across Johannesburg available to hold memorial services to bid farewell to Nelson Mandela, the City's most revered resident. The services will be held during the official ten days of mourning announced by the Presidency earlier this month.

EXPRESSIONS of grief and condolence have poured in from across the world after former president, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and statesman, Nelson Mandela, the world's icon of reconciliation, compassion and goodwill, died at home in Houghton, Johannesburg, at 20h50 on the night of 5 December 2013. He was 95.

THE Johannesburg Zoo is inviting Joburgers to join in its Tree of Light ceremony this December, to honour and remember those living with terminal illnesses.

INDIGENOUS Zulu and Bapedi sheep have been moved to Johannesburg Zoo's Ruitkuil conservation farm in Parys, where breeding will be promoted to protect their genetic material and bloodlines.

JOBURG Park's brand-new Porcupine Park, south of the city, is sure to delight Lehae residents with its green spaces and play equipment for youngsters.

ANOTHER award has been handed to Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo, this time in the form of a PMR.Africa Diamond award for good corporate governance.

THE Roodepoort Rotary Club launched its Planet Walk programme at the Kloofendal Nature Reserve.

AS urbanisation encroaches on the small spotted genet's habitat, it seeks shelter in residential areas, but faces shooting, poisoning and trapping threats.

A NEW initiative at the Kloofendal Nature Reserve brings heavenly bodies down to Earth with a to-scale model of our solar system.

JOHANNESBURG City Parks and Zoo have identified and charged a number of stonemasons stealing tombstones from the city's cemeteries.

Urban agriculture initiatives are a key component of the City of Johannesburg’s food security plans to deliver employment opportunities and nutritionally balanced food to disadvantaged families 

SPOOKS and snakes and ghosts and giraffes will all trick out in their beastly best to scare and delight Zoo visitors at Howloween.

A THIRD pair of critically endangered wattled cranes in the recovery programme run by Johannesburg Zoo has laid an egg. This is a milestone, having taken more than five years to get there.

WITH their sharp teeth and fearsome claws bears inspire fear; but though they are dangerous animals they also have a playful side.

WITH their sharp teeth and fearsome claws bears inspire fear; but though they are dangerous animals they also have a playful side.

WITH their sharp teeth and fearsome claws bears inspire fear; but though they are dangerous animals they also have a playful side.