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Wellness management programme

At work Johannesburg City Park recognises that its employees are its most valuable assets. A healthy and safe company ensures healthy and effective employees, cuts absenteeism and improves productivity. A comprehensive Employee Wellness Programme is in place at City Parks that focuses physical and psychosocial well being, as well as well being maintenance.

The Wellness Programme is also focused on the management and containment of the effects of opportunistic diseases caused by HIV/Aids. Medical insurance services have been introduced, which allow for hospitalisation and access to anti-retroviral treatment, accompanied by education and awareness programmes. City Parks actively promotes Voluntary Counselling and Testing, encouraging employees to be more open to seeking medical support.

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The Employee Assistance Programme, which helps employees with work-related and personal problems, aims to promote improved productivity and support other wellbeing interventions through counselling, care and support. The services may be extended to immediate family members.

Health clinics are conducted on a quarterly basis to raise awareness among employees about the importance of lifestyle management.

The fitness centre is open to all employees to promote general fitness and help employees deal with stress-related problems.